VIDEO: Kendra Defends Her Breast Reduction

Playboy Model & Reality Star Kendra Wilkinson Baskett says “I’m a little top heavy,” defending her decision to reduce her breasts.

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Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriend appears on Lopez Tonight on Thursday night and has a preview clip.

After giving birth to Hank IV in December, the 24-year-old star from The Girls Next Door said she was unhappy with her breasts that had grown during pregnancy.

Kendra Wilkinson Gets Married

On his show that airs at 11 p.m. Thursday on TBS, George Lopez says: “You announced that you were having breast reduction surgery and it’s becoming a huge issue.”

Kendra laughs and says “I feel like I’m a little top heavy, come on.” She gets cheers from the audience when she asks them, “What do you think?”

Kendra Wilkinson Has Healthy Baby Boy

As for her new husband, NFL Wide Receiver Hank Baskett, he tells George “You know I support her. I’m definitely going to miss them.”

When asked about her relationship with the 83-year-old Playboy founder, she says “It was good. It was a great five years and now I’m on to my next millionaire.”

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