VIDEO: Justin Bieber “I Taught Ludacris Everything He Knows About Girls”

Squeaky clean teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber and legendary bad boy rapper Ludacris may seem like an unlikely pairing, but the odd couple have teamed up on Justin’s new single Baby, and have since become firm friends.

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And it seems appearances might be deceiving, with Ludacris claiming he gets “all my womanly advice from Bieber” and Justin boasting, “I’ve taught Ludacris everything he knows about girls.”

Somehow we doubt that!

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Bieber made his jocular claim when he stopped by Cosmo Radio’s relationships show “Cocktails with Patrick” on SIRIUS 111/XM channel 162 recently.

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Bieber rang his pal Ludacris live on air after radio host Patrick Meagher doubted his claim they were friends. Ludacris confirmed their unlikely friendship and said he had no hesitation about collaborating on Bieber’s new single, “I’m a fan of music,” Ludacris said. “I knew it would be a hit – and the rest was history.”

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