VIDEO: Joan Jett Impressed By Kristen Stewart’s Runaway Talent

Joan Jett loves rock n’ roll — and Kristen Stewart!

The rocker described her positive first impression of the Twilight star, who plays her in The Runaways, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Tuesday, and has the clip for you.

Said Jett: “After meeting Kristen — she was so authentic and so real, and I asked her, ‘Are you going to cut your hair?’ And she said ‘Yes,’ and it just gave me a sense of commitment because she was serious about it.”

Jett, 51, told Leno that she supervised production of the movie to make sure things were kept accurate.

Leno is set to interview the other stars of the rock n’ roll flick this week, with Stewart slated to appear Wednesday and Dakota Fanning scheduled for Friday.

The Runaways hits theaters March 19.

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