VIDEO: Jersey Shore In ‘Battle Of The Celebrity All-Stars’

The stars of Jersey Shore appeared on The Tonight Show Wednesday, taking part in a bit called Battle of the Celebrity All-Stars, in which the hip young adults from the Garden State answered questions asked of them by quiz-master Jay Leno.

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As you’ll see in the clip, which we have for you right here on, the reality stars were hit-and-miss (with an emphasis on miss) when it came to their responses.

Some of the more memorable questions and answers:

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Leno: “Finish this sentence, ‘The Catcher in the …’”

Snooki: “Closet?”

Leno: “Who becomes president if the president and vice president both die?

Ronnie Magro: “The guy that lost, that came in second place, the runner-up, isn’t it?!?”

Sammi Giancola: “Like the wife, or somebody … the wife of the vice president?”

Leno: “What two animals are the symbols of the stock market?”

Snooki: “Is it the donkey and the elephant?

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