VIDEO: DJ PAULY D Takes The Jersey Shore To Las Vegas

DJ Pauly D brought the Jersey Shore to Las Vegas Friday night when he played for a packed house at Ghostbar inside the Palms Casino Resort and has the pictures and video documenting his wild Vegas night.

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Everyone’s favorite  DJ talked about living out his dream.  “I got a lot of fans now so they’re doing the craziest things to get my attention.  I’ve got a giant Cadillac tattoo down the side of my ribs and a girl got that!  Now there’s a girl on Facebook with it and it’s huge…why would a girl go out and get that?”  Why indeed!

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Pauly started off his Palms night with not one but TWO  meals – the first at N9NE Steakhouse and the second at Nove Italiano.  He didn’t run into any celebrities last night but did talk about meeting Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Lindsay Lohan, who are all fans of his show.

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The reality star and his friends hit the Playboy Club where he was presented with a coveted key.  Then they headed to Ghostbar where the crowd went wild for the gelled-up Jersey boy spinning the dance music.

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Last stop of the night?  Rain nightclub where Pauly bonded with fellow spinner DJ Jazzy Jeff.

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