Snooki and Emilio Get Pierced

It must be true love for Jersey Shore’s Snooki and her main squeeze, juice-head Emilio, who hit the piercing parlor Tuesday to get matching nose rings.

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Never one to keep things on the down low, Snooki shared her romantic experience on Twitter when she posted a photo of the very tan love birds with their new look.

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“Tan and our nose ring!! Yayaya Love him”,  Snooki Tweeted.

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But it sounds like their bonding experience wasn’t just an easy in and out, in fact Snooki Tweeted, “Ah piercing parlor with Emilio.  I have anxiety, but I miss my nose ring.”

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The couple have been dating for several months now and seem almost inseparable, but with the new season about to begin who knows if these lovers will last…

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