Skin Investment: Dr. Lancer’s 3-Step Skincare System

A little investment in your skin can go a long way! With so many skincare products on the market, finding a good regiment can be incredibly confusing.  Dr. Harold Lancer, longtime Derm to the stars, (he won’t divulge any names but Cher is rumored to be a longtime client) created a “user-friendly” product line, which is good enough for the rich and famous, yet “no-fuss” enough for the working girl!

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Lancer RX is a 3-step program for people who care about their skin, but cannot be bothered with purchasing oodles of products and figuring out how to use them.

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First, the skin must be exfoliated once a week with Polish ($50)- a gentle scrub, which rids of skin of dead cells, enabling new skin to grown in. Next, the skin has to be cleansed twice a day with the Extremely Clean Cleanser ($50), which is a gentle, yet effective face wash that gets the job done right.  Though there are many other “clean” cleansers on the market, which avoid color, perfumes and harsh chemicals, this product effectively eliminates the daily build-up of oils and impurities without stripping the face of hydration.  Finally, the skin gets nourishment from Repair ($100)- a replenishing moisturizer, which prevents aging and fills in tiny lines and wrinkles.

Want to try it out for yourself? Get his products here

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