REPORT: MTV’s Jersey Shore Settles On South Beach For Season 2

Finally the speculation has come to an end. The cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore will head to South Beach to film its second season, the Miami Herald reports.

EXCLUSIVE: Jersey Shore Season 2 Location Still A Mystery To Cast, Shooting Begins March 20

Despite some outcry from locals about the influx of yet another reality show (Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian’s E! series currently films in Miami), the Miami Herald confirmed “it’s a done deal.”

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On Tuesday, exclusively reported that the cast themselves were still in the dark about the show’s season two location despite the rapidly approaching production start date. “The show told the cast to be ready for shooting on March 20 but still won’t tell any of them where it will be shooting,” a source told

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Adding to the mystery, the cast needs to fulfill some intriguing prerequisites.

“They are gearing up to begin the show but first the cast needs to get blood work done and background checks.”

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