PHOTOS: Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi Debuts Beautiful New Baby

Watch out – you could experience a cuteness overload!

Actress/author/model Padma Lakshmi, who is currently the host of the Bravo’s Top Chef, debuted her beautiful baby girl, Krishna, on Friday, and brings you the adorable photos.

PHOTOS: Padma Debuts Her New Baby

Padma, who gave birth on February 20th, appears to have already dropped the baby weight and looked positively glowing as she played with Krishna in a New York park.

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Krishna looks like she takes after her mother in the beauty stakes, although it’s hard to say if she favors her father too as Padma is keeping mum on his identity.

Top Chef Gets A Sweet Spinoff

It’s been reported that Columbia Business School professor Adam Dell is the lucky baby daddy, and if his name sounds familiar, it is: Adam, 40, is the brother of billionaire computer mogul Michael Dell.

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