PHOTOS: “Team Sandra” T-shirts Outsell West Coast Choppers T-shirts

Kitson, the trendy LA shop on Robertson, has come out with a new T-shirt in support of Sandra Bullock, has learned.

PHOTOS: “Team Sandra” T-shirts Flying Off Shelves

Sandra has been in hiding since her husband Jesse James alleged cheated on her with a tattoo laden stripper. America’s sweetheart had retreated to Austin, but she’s back in LA, where she obviously has won the public’s support.

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The store just came out with the new T-shirts that are selling out faster than T-shirts in support of other embattled women. They are now in their second production in only one week.

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In fact, when Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie were vying for Brad Pitt’s love, fans were picking sides based on their T-shirts.

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Kitson reps say the “Team Sandra” T-shirts are going three times faster than either Jen’s or Angelina’s.

And it may not be a surprise; Sandra’s T-shirts are outselling “West Coast Choppers” T-shirts, which use the logo of Jesse James’ motorcycle company.

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