PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Wigs Out In London

Lady Gaga wore one of her trademark outrageous get-ups at the Buddha Bar in London Tuesday, and has a taste of that crazy Gaga eye candy for you.

PHOTOS: Lady Gaga’s Outrageous Outfit In London

Gaga, in England for her Monster Ball tour, was clad in a lacey, futuristic dress with a wild, multi-colored wig.

This week, she compared the audiences in London to those in New York.

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“London is not always an easy crowd, and I remember because I used to open for so many people here,” the 23-year-old Paparazzi singer said. “I always found solace when I went to the gay clubs because they were always wild and dancing, and they really loved and enjoyed me.

“But [London’s] O2 [Arena] was something I’ve never experienced before,” she said. “Everybody was dancing and screaming and on their feet the whole show. It was really remarkable. I look out into the audience and I hear them singing my music and supporting me and I want to do everything I can to protect them because some of them are really troubled and insecure.”

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