VIDEO & PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian Looks Glam But Glum Amid Reggie Breakup

Kim Kardashian, obviously heartbroken over her break-up with beau Reggie Bush, looked glam but glum as she was spotted with sister Kourtney as they went to Sushi Samba restaurant in Miami Beach Tuesday, and has the video and pics for you.

PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian in Miami Beach Amid Reggie Breakup

Photographers mobbed Kim and asked repeatedly her about reports of the breakup. However, she did not answer any questions, but instead, looked down as she texted.

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At one point, someone asked if she had “Googled herself” that day, as she was all the rage on the Web. She didn’t respond.

Amid reports that the New Orleans Saints running back cheated on Kim, a source exclusively told on Tuesday that, cheating or not, Bush and Kardashian were simply headed in opposite directions.

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“Reggie loves Kim but he knows that’s just not her,” our source said. “He loves her drive and ambition, and he thinks she’s amazing, he truly loves her, but he knows she’s just not the right kind of girl for him to marry.

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“Kim is so caught up in the whole Hollywood thing, and that’s totally not Reggie’s scene: He’s a jock, he’s a ball player, that’s his career and his life, and he just feels that Kim doesn’t fit 100% into that,” our source said.

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