PHOTO: Marie Osmond’s Son With Woman He Left Suicide Note To

It is a photo that seems ordinary in the happiness it depicts. But seen now in the aftermath of Michael Blosil’s suicide, it is heartbreaking.

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In the photo seen here on, Blosil is standing next to his best friend Ruthann Clawson in front of a Christmas tree. The two friends are smiling and seem carefree. But now just a short while later, Blosil is dead and his friends and family are devastated.

PHOTOS:  The Osmonds Through The Years has learned that Ruthann found Michael’s suicide note following his death on Feb. 26 and she was reportedly mentioned in the note.

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Michael, 18, is one of Marie Osmond’s sons and had battled depression for years.

Blosil’s roommate Sean Srnik told Entertainment Tonight Ruthann was Michael’s closest friend and he addressed her in the second half of the suicide note. that earlier in the night everything seemed fine.

“Michael got a phone call and he left the living room,” Srnik said, recalling Feb. 26 when Michael jumped to his death from their eight floor apartment. “About 5  to 10 minutes later Ruthann came in and asked, ‘Where’s Michael?’
“She ran into his room and that’s where she found the note on his bed.

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“Ruthann is his best friend.

“The note described basically how he was doing his very last shower, his last cigarette. The other half was toward Ruthann. about how he’s the closest one with her here and how she’s the one he can really tell this to. And he went on to talk about how he hopes she has a great life.”

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