Mental Competency Exam Ordered For Dr. Drew’s Alleged Stalker

Dr. Drew Pinsky’s alleged stalker is being ordered to have a mental competency evaluation, has learned.

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Charles William Pearson pleaded not guilty March 5 to stalking the TV and radio personality. His own attorney expressed doubt about his client’s mental competency, which led to the court order Thursday.

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33-year-old Pearson allegedly stalked Dr. Drew between November 1 and March 3, and allegedly made death threats between February 1 and February 28. The star of Celebrity Rehab told police that Pearson has posted violent threats on MySpace over a few months.

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A man who fit Pearson’s description also showed up during that time at a radio station that carries Dr. Drew’s radio show Loveline.

Pearson is due back in Pasadena Superior court on April 19.

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