Ratings Hero: Leno Crushes Letterman For Second Night In A Row

Jay Leno brought out former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin Tuesday night to win the late night ratings war, RadarOnline.com has confirmed.

VIDEO: Sarah Palin Steals The Tonight Show

The rogue Republican’s stand up routine was viewed by about 5 million people, not as many as Jay’s opening night, but still about 1.6 million more than David Letterman’s The Late Show.

Ratings: Leno Trounces Letterman’s Return To Late Night

To sum it up, after day two of the new Tonight Show, Jay Leno is still leading the race, but by a much slimmer margin. On Monday night, Leno almost doubled Letterman’s numbers.

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Wednesday night Chelsea Handler, Olympic speed skate Apolo Ohno and Avril Lavigne share the stage with Jay.

VIDEO: Leno & Letterman’s Super Bowl Commercial

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