Jesse James Nazi Salute Photo For Sale

A bombshell photo — showing Sandra Bullock’s estranged husband making the Nazi salute — is on the verge of being released, is reporting.

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The image — which has seen — was taken before James was married to the Oscar winning actress.

In it, the embattled James is weaing an SS hat that looks near-identical to the one Michelle “Bombshell” McGee is wearing in her notorious Nazi photos.

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James also is holding two fingers under his nose, in a symbol that is clearly an imitation of Adolph Hitler’s moustache.

Sandra and Jesse over the years can also reveal there is a collectible, model aircraft in the background of the explosiive photos, which appears to sport similar markings to the aircraft the Nazi regime flew during World War 2.

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The photograph is being shopped to multiple media outlets.

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