Five Reasons To Watch The Bounty Hunter

While it clearly isn’t an Academy Award-winning turn for Jennifer Aniston or Gerard Butler, their new romantic comedy caper The Bounty Hunter still provides some moments that help it past muster as a serviceable date night movie. breaks down the five reasons to watch Jen and Gerard’s latest flick hitting theaters nationwide on Friday:

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Reason 1: Pure Old Fashioned Chemistry

After months of tabloid rumors and tons of photos from her Mexican birthday getaway, the world finally gets a chance to live out their Jen and Gerard romance fantasies. While the two actors’ characters are often at each other’s throats, the banter and tension between the two (which the media has discussed since the movie was still in production) is captured in celluloid in all its glory. From their flirty taunts, longing looks, and physical jostling, watching two of the industry’s hottest stars circle each other makes any celebrity watcher’s heart jump for joy.

Reason 2: Jennifer Aniston in Handcuffs

Before your imagination runs too wild, the film actually offers little in the love scene department and carries a PG-13 rating. Still, the movie taps into that latent kinky factor when Gerard handcuffs Jen to a bed and he tricks her into trying to seduce him (we won’t spoil the rest for you!).

Reason 3: Gerard Butler Bares All (Almost)

Something for the ladies, Gerard shows off the body made famous in his breakout film 300 when he exits a shower clad in nothing more than a towel. Enough said.

Reason 4: Jason Sudeikis

If you don’t know veteran comedic actor Jason Sudeikis by name, you probably know him by face as a regular on Saturday Night Live and as Tina Fey’s former flame Floyd on 30 Rock. In the film, he plays Aniston’s hopeless co-worker Stewart who thinks they are in a relationship since they once made out at an office party. His version of a delusional yuppy adds true, pure hilarity in every scene he’s in.

Reason 5: Run Time

Even if it doesn’t rock your world, it only lasts 110 minutes.

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