EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning At The Runaways Premiere

Rocker chicks ruled The Runaways premiere in Hollywood on Thursday night and even Taylor Lautner came out to watch the girl power movie! Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning were glamorous on the red carpet as they joined Joan Jett and Cheri Currie celebrating the biopic about the all girl band that rocked in the 70s.

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Kristen, in a beautiful pink Doo.Ri dress, exclusively told RadarOnline.com that her favorite Joan Jett songs were I Love Playing with Fire, and Love is Pain.  Her nemesis in the Twilight movies, but bestie in The Runaways Dakota Fanning, in a sparkling Valentino dress, told RadarOnline.com that she “would stick with maybe just singing,” if she was a rock star in real life.

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Dakota couldn’t be talked into singing, but the real Cheri Currie sang Cherry Bomb and her Hello Daddy, Hello Mom, was matched by Scout-Taylor Compton (Lita Ford) and Stella Maeve (Sandy West) rocking out with “Ch-ch-ch cherry bomb!”

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What did Cheri think about the movie and about Dakota playing her in the film?  “Awesome and even more awesome!”

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Riley Keough, Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, played Marie Currie, Dakota’s twin sister in the movie and told RadarOnline.com what it was like to have Cheri and Joan there while they filmed. “Having everybody on set was I think what made the movie so legitimate and I think Dakota and Kristen’s performances so amazing.”

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Scout-Taylor revealed her favorite and sexy scene in the movie to RadarOnline.com. “SHHHH, the masturbation scene between Kris and Stella!” 

Stella dished on the scene.  “I’ve never had to do that before.  It was really intense and it was a lot of heart.  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be but it was funny and Kristen kept me laughing in the other room.  So she made me feel a little bit more comfortable.” 

“That scene is so funny,” Scout-Taylor said.  “I think it came out great!”

The Runaways hits theaters March 19.

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