EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Shot At Love Rikki’s First Interview Since Car Accident

The Ikki Twins are blonde bombshells who have posed for Playboy and are known for their MTV show A Double Shot At Love, but recently sisters Rikki and Vikki Mongeon made headlines when they were involved in a horrific car crash that left Rikki in a coma with a severe head injury.

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RadarOnline.com caught up exclusively with the twins in their parents Bakersfield, California home for Rikki’s first video interview since she was released from the hospital and had major surgery on her skull. Sporting a helmet to protect her exposed brain, Rikki shared with RadarOnline.com exactly what she went through, how she is coping and her outlook on the future.

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“I was in a car accident and pretty much the same thing that Natasha Richardson died of, happened to me,” Rikki told RadarOnline.com of her head injury. “I had to get both of the sides of my skull removed so my brain could expand and swell and make room for it so I didn’t die.”

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As a result of her head trauma, Rikki was in a coma for days and once she woke up she had lost the ability to move her legs and her left arm and hand, but quickly recovered enough to start walking. “I didn’t think a week ago that I’d ever walk again,” Rikki said. “I still rely a lot on my right side. The left side is still not so strong.

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“Everything is healing pretty well,” Rikki said of her recovery. “Right now we’re working on trying to make new connections, for my brain to send new pathways to my hand.”

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Rikki has found great support in her family, especially sisters Vikki and Kate who have been by her side every step of the way.  When asked about what she looks forward to in the future Rikki got teary and said, “Having a normal life again. My normal is going to be different this time around.

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“What keeps me going and what keeps me optimistic is that I am walking and I didn’t think that was going to happen so soon and it’s such a big step so far,” Rikki emotionally explained. “It keeps me going because I know that I can recover.”

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Rikki is still waiting to start her much-needed physical therapy sessions because the cost is so high, so she’s started a blog to raise funds and keep a diary of her journey through this tough time.

Stay tuned to RadarOnline.com for more video with Rikki and Vikki!

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