EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Woods Did Not Fly Home With Wife

Tiger Woods did not fly home with his wife and children on Saturday.

RadarOnline.com learned exclusively that Tiger is still in Arizona, and Elin and the children are living in the rented house about a mile away from the family home.

PHOTOS: Elin Moves Into A House A Mile Away From Tiger

Elin arrived in Orlando at approximately 8 pm EST Saturday, as RadarOnline.com was first to report. She has refused Tiger’s request to move back into the home they shared as husband and wife.

Tiger’s return date to Orlando is still not set.

FIRST PHOTOS of Tiger Out Of Rehab

This was the first time Tiger, Elin and their two children spent extended time together as a family.

“It was a big step,” said a source close to the situation. “But Tiger has a long, long way to go to put things back together again. And that marriage will never be what it once was.”

PHOTOS: Elin’s Twin Sister Takes Tiger’s Kids To SeaWorld

Elin’s anger has subsided but not disappeared the source said. She had no idea that her husband was being unfaithful while it was occurring and now that he’s been linked to 14 women she’s determined never to entirely rely on him again. She’s leaned heavily on her twin sister and she’s developing more of a life with her friends.

“It they stay married, it will be a different marriage,” the source told RadarOnline.com.

Meanwhile, Elin has returned to Orlando and the life she’s built for herself living apart from Tiger. She has help taking the children to preschool and help at home. And she now has friends she leans on.


As for the trip? The source says Elin is not talking about it a lot, but the fact that she came back without Tiger says a lot.

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