EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Jesse James’ Alleged Mistress Was A Choir Girl!

Before she was “Bombshell”, Michelle McGee was a choir girl — and RadarOnline.com has the exclusive, long-lost photos to prove it.

Jesse James‘ tattoo-crazed alleged mistress was in full voice as an eighth grader, shedding new light on the shocking transformation of the once clean-cut McGee.

PHOTOS: Michelle “Bombshell” McGee Was A Choir Girl!

A search through school yearbooks in her hometown of Eastlake, Ohio, have revealed a drastically different picture to the image she has developed today: that of a woman covered from head-to-toe in tattoos, who shamelessly posed for a photo shoot with a long dagger down her throat, a Nazi swastika armband and wearing the “Death’s Head” hat of the Third Reich’s evil SS.

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Before the tattoos and before scandal, “Bombshell” was a choir girl, who played soccer and was a member of her high school’s track team.

The shocking transformation has stunned those from the quiet hamlet in Ohio where she grew up.

PHOTOS: The Shocking Transformation of Jesse James’ Alleged Mistress

But not those in California’s tattoo fraternity.

According to Heather Simpson, who once owned her own tattoo parlor and claims to have met “Bombshell” a number of times at tattoo conventions during the past two years, McGee is prone to “embellishment” and “beating up a story”.

PHOTOS: Michelle “Bombshell” McGee

Simpson has cast doubt on the claim that McGee’s affair with James, the husband of Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock, lasted eleven months.

She said she believed it was more like five to six weeks and its romantic nature ended not soon after a tattoo show at the famed Queen Mary in Long Beach.

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“Bombshell” had claimed she was with James regularly, each week, over the near 12-month period.

“Michelle was out of the country for large chunks of time for work and she also talked of having a few boyfriend during that time period,” Simpson told RadarOnline.com, in an exclusive interview.

PHOTOS: The Shocking Transformation of Jesse James’ Alleged Mistress

“She only mentioned a secret male friend during a small period of time.”

“After the tattoo show at the Queen Mary, Michelle still spoke to Jesse but not often and not romantic.”

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