EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Flashback, Kim Cattrall At 24

Sex In The City‘s Kim Cattrall, at 53, can’t keep her clothes on. But as RadarOnline.com has learned, it started many years ago when she was in her twenties.

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Celebrity photographer Harry Langdon Jr. says he remembers the day a 24-year-old Kim came in for a photo shoot in 1981. She started fully clothed and ended the session topless.

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“A good actress is uninhibited,” he says. “They practice symbolically disrobing in front of the camera. So you can mentally see their soul.”

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“She was a very uninhibited actor,” Langdon says.

Ironically, years later her reps called asking that those photos be kept private; not knowing she would eventually become famous for showing skin in the hit TV series Sex In The City.

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Many of Harry’s glamour photos will be auctioned off March 26 and March 27 through Profiles In History. They are part of the Michael H. Epstein and Scott E. Schwimer Collection. Proceeds go to the Trevor Project and The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center.

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