EXCLUSIVE: No Brady Bunch Feud? Read This!

A planned/hoped for TV reunion of the Brady Bunch “kids” didn’t happen because of a long-standing feud between Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb, as RadarOnline.com reported earlier this week.

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And now, without Alice, Mike or Carol around to arbitrate all the kids have gone off and gotten their own reps and everyone is denying the story. The only problem, of course, are the facts!

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The Today Show pushed hard to bring the Bradys back together for Wednesday’s show. It didn’t happen — and a source told RadarOnline.com exclusively that Eve Plumb has been furious with Maureen McCormick (Oh, Marcia!) for years, in part because Maureen maybe, sort of hinted at some innocent girl-girl kissing back in the day, at a time when Maureen was promoting her book.

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So Marcia’s rep denies the story and so does Eve. And so does Christopher Knight’s – but take a look at what Knight’s rep said in an email to RadarOnline.com while denying the story.

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“We only have speculation to go on, but to the best of my understanding, it falls on the aggressiveness of Today producers who are not used to getting a “No” for an answer + some major miscommunication between some reps.

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Eve never does Brady press, especially if Maureen is involved. This went on for decades, so she was never on board to begin with is what I understand.”

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No feud? Nice try kids. Now go to your rooms!

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