EXCLUSIVE: Mischa Barton’s Credit Card Declined At Grocery Store – AFTER She Eats Food!

Mischa Barton was so hungry when she went grocery shopping on Monday night that she dipped into the groceries she was waiting in line to purchase and started eating some cooked pasta.

RadarOnline.com was there and watched Mischa and her hungry friend with amusement. (Hey, we’ve done the same thing.)

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But things took at bad turn when the former O.C. star went to pay for the already-eaten item and her credit card was declined!

Uh oh.

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So she tried another card and that was declined too.

It all happened at Whole Foods on Fairfax and Crescent Heights and we watched as Mischa searched her purse for cash.

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No cash!

We always wondered what would happen in a situation like this. But Mischa’s friend quickly bailed her out, taking out his wallet and paying for their groceries. Poor Mischa looked upset and ducked her head.

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Don’t feel bad Mischa — we would have paid for you but we had just enough money on us to pay for our groceries!

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