EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian Ignoring Reggie’s Texts

Reggie Bush wants to get back together with Kim Kardashian but she’s been ignoring all of his text messages, RadarOnline.com learned exclusively.

Reggie has been texting Kim for days but all he’s received in return is silence. Icy silence.

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“He wants her back,” a source close to the couple told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “He’s not happy without her.”

But Kim is taking a tough approach with Reggie. And her silence is killing him.

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“Kim has grown up a lot over the years,” the source said. “In the past she would be crying about the situation but she’s not acting like that now. She’s very together.”

Reggie wants Kim to know he didn’t cheat on her despite recent reports that showed a local waitress leaving his house after spending the night.

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As RadarOnline.com was first to report, Reggie Tweeted that he was taking the fall for a friend who was at his  house that night, and that message was especially meant for Kim.

“He put it on Twitter because he’s not even sure if she’s reading his text messages,” the source said. “This way he figured someone might tell  her about it.”

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Kim refuses to call Reggie and doesn’t spend much time talking about him since the breakup. One of the big issues between them is Kim wants to get married and have children (eventually) and Reggie won’t commit.

“Kim is strong,” the source said. “Reggie may have underestimated how strong she is.”

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And despite the silence that exists now, the source believes Reggie and Kim WILL get back together.

“It’s going to take a while this time,” the source said. “But these are two people in love. Everyone around them knows they are not done with each other. It’s not a question of IF they get back together, it’s a matter of WHEN.”

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