EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James Mistress #3 – “He Was A Dud In Bed”

It’s bad enough she played a role in possibly destroying Sandra Bullock’s seemingly fairytale marriage, but a new woman claiming to be Jesse James’ third mistress, is hitting below the belt – literally.

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L.A.-based fetish model and photographer Brigitte Daguerre, 40, the latest woman who allegedly claims she too had a sexual affair with James, is saying he was a “dud in bed.. who only cared about himself.”

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A source exclusively tells RadarOnline.com that Daguerre said James only cared about his own sexual needs being fulfilled, and that he wasn’t a giving partner.

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Daguerre – who says James hired her for a photo shoot in 2008 for West Coast Choppers –claims the two had sex four times over a six month period last year.  Trying to cash in on the growing sex scandal, she’s offering to sell their private text messages, many of which are explicit in nature, to the highest bidder.

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