EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James’ New Mistress #3 Bizarre Encounter With Sandra Bullock

Brigitte Daguerre, the woman who has come forward and claimed to have had a recent sexual affair with Jesse James, had a bizarre encounter with his wife Sandra Bullock – sort of!

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As James stakes his claim to be the new Tiger Woods of the celebrity infidelity world, Daguerre is the latest woman about to tell all and RadarOnline.com has exclusive details of her encounters with James.

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The most bizarre part of their encounter occurred last year  when Brigitte and Jesse were having sex at his work place.

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As their encounter progressed, suddenly a screensaver of Sandra Bullock popped up on Jesse’s computer!

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Daguerre freaked out when she saw the face of her lover’s wife staring at her from Jesse’s computer, RadarOnline.com learned exclusively!

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It was apparently the last time Daguerre and James had sex, although they stayed in touch until early this year, RadarOnline.com has learned.

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As RadarOnline.com reported earlier, Daguerre has told friends that Jesse was a dud in bed who cared only about himself. She’s also told friends that he is “degrading” toward women and their sexual relationship consisted on only a couple of encounters.

But just like Tiger, Jesse left a trail of evidence in the form of text messages, which Daugerre has apparently saved.

Some of the message are Jesse forcefully communicating his sexual desires to her. Those message are too explicit to print here.

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