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EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James Alleged Mistress #3 And Her Connection To Kristen Stewart

Jesse James’ latest alleged mistress fetish model and photographer Brigitte Daguerre has a mysterious connection to Twilight beauty Kristen Stewart, RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal.

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According to a posting on her Posh Girl Blog Daguerre bragged about having Christmas Eve dinner with the famous vampire beauty.

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On January 16, 2009 she wrote: “I’ve been wanting to expand my vintage clothing & fashion blog to include music, entertainment, beauty, and other topics besides vintage clothing for some time. I’ve been so busy running Posh Girl that I really haven’t had the time but I’ll be making more time now. I live in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world and have been in and around the entertainment and fashion world since I was a kid so from time to time I have some interesting inside knowledge you might find fun.

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“Next I’ll be blogging about my Christmas eve dinner at Kristen Stewart’s house who is, in case you live under a rock, the star of Twilight. So keep checking in.” A rep for Stewart did not return a request to comment about the claim.

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On the page, Daguerre also pays tribute to former fetish legend Bettie Page and shows off two images of her posing like the famous pin-up in portraits done by artist Olivia De Berardinis.

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Racy Daguerre also talks about vintage Madonna style torpedo bras, leather vintage boots and how to copy supermodel Kate Moss’ own sexy vintage style.

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Daguerre reportedly started having an affair in 2008 with James after he hired her to do styling work on a photo shoot at his West Coast Choppers garage in California.

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According to the model, James coldly fired her after she refused to have sex with him and she got spooked when an image of his wife Sandra Bullock popped up on his computer during one wild tryst.