EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW & PHOTOS: J-WOWW’S Boyfriend Admits They Had Problems When She Made Out On TV

While Ronnie and Sammi grabbed headlines with their tumultuous relationship, the Jersey Shore couple who actually endured the ups and down of fame is Jenni “J-WOWW” Farley and her boyfriend Tom Lippolis.

Tom exclusively revealed to RadarOnline.com that the couple has also had their fair share of issues thanks to reality television.

Sharing new photos with RadarOnline.com, Tom also shed new light on the real JWOWW and their relationship – plus how it survived her reality TV antics.

EXCLUSIVE NEW PHOTOS: J-Woww and Tom Together

“She had to do what she had to do” Tom said about Jenni’s make out sessions with DJ Pauly D. “But it did bother me and we had some problems.”

Lippolis explained the their unlikely courtship finally gained steam only two days before Jenni left to film the MTV show.

“We had a lot of meetings but neither of us were even interested. I was like she’s not my type and she was like he’s not my type. But then we started
talking and got into each other,” Tom said. “I spent the night at her house.

It was the night before the show arrived at her door with a ticket to go. So we officially started dating two days before she left for the show.

“We were totally not looking for each other and then we just found each other.”

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While the show only took about six weeks to shoot, it did not air for nearly six months. By the time the show premiered, Lippolis and Farley were already
living together and the images of Farley caused a few waves in their relationship.

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The two are close and remained true to themselves as Farley and the Jersey Shore cast skyrocketed to notoriety.

“We never expected this mega stardom, we didn’t even realize that it was going to be that big. I mean you even forget that it’s going to be a TV show
while they were filming it,” Tom told RadarOnline.com.

“We do everything together. I travel to all of her appearances. I am the only one she trusts. So she basically makes me travel with her. I am her
road manager, I do all her managing. I’m going to be running her clothing line when she’s gone shooting the second show.”

The fact that their romance blossomed before stardom only cements their bond. “At this point if she was to get with anyone else she couldn’t trust
them because they would be with her for the wrong reasons and she understands that.” Tom told RadarOnline.com.

As for a wedding on the Shore? “I see a long future together. I will be doing business with her and If I we weren’t so young at this point we would
probably be engaged already.” Tom said.

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