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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kate Jackson’s Claims About Farrah Fawcett “Insane,” Says Alana Stewart

Farrah Fawcett’s long-time friend Alana Stewart Hamilton has broken her silence and come out swinging at Kate Jackson, after the former Charlie’s Angel star charged she was denied access to Farrah during her final days.

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Speaking out “because sometimes you just need to set the record straight”, Stewart told RadarOnline.com that Kate Jackson’s sensational claim she denied her access to Farrah during the actress’ final months was “insane.”

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Stewart told RadarOnline.com exclusively: “These people should just put a pin in it and honor her (Farrah’s)memory.

“They’re angry, bitter, disgruntled or have an axe to grind. Farrah’s legacy is far greater than any of these people could disparage. Let Farrah rest in peace.”

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In fact, Stewart says she and Jackson were often in contact in the last months of Farrah’s life and that it was Farrah who made the final decision about who to see during that time.

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“First of all, I spoke to Kate many, many times during Farrah’s final months and explained to her that Farrah did not want to see people. It was not my choice, or Ryan’s. Farrah wanted to keep some of her friends away,” Alana revealed. “I would go to her and say, ‘Honey, so and so has called, these people really want to see you.’ Farrah would think about it for a moment and respond, ‘Not now, I just don’t feel like it.’ I don’t think Farrah wanted to emotionally deal with it. She didn’t want people seeing her when she wasn’t looking like herself.”