EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Death Threats For Jesse James Mistress

The revelation that Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James had an affair with tattoo-crazy stripper Michelle “Bombshell” McGee sent shock waves through Hollywood, but as the sordid details of her life have surfaced she has received death threats.

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Michelle is so afraid for her safety and that of her children that she has hired security to protect her, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

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“She is the mother of two young children, and she is afraid for them,” her best friend Mary Gusman told RadarOnline.com  “She has hired security to protect her.”

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The angry letters, comments and messages that Michelle has received since the story broke of her alleged affair with Jesse James “have become increasingly aggressive,” said Mary.  “Michelle has decided to take precaution against the people who are out there that might want to hurt her.”

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Michelle is a stripper at Pure Platinum in San Diego and is covered with tatttoos, including one with the Nazi iron eagle and a swastika.  Despite that fact, and the fact that numerous people close to Michelle have confirmed she believes in White Power, her friend says Michelle is not a white supremacist. “Michelle is not a white supremacist and she is not a Nazi, but she is afraid that people will think she is and will try to harm her while she’s out by herself or with her kids,” Mary said.

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But even Michelle’s ex-husband charged that she promoted White Power, and took a photograph of her refrigerator, where she spelled out the words White Power in frig magnets; also Michelle has WP tattooed on her body.

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