EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Brittany Murphy’s Husband “Absolutely Wanted” To Keep Her Alive On Life Support

In a revealing new interview, Brittany Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack says he initially wanted to keep her on life support when she was first brought to the hospital after being found unconscious on the bathroom floor of their Hollywood Hills home. Monjack tells RadarOnline.com his logic behind wanting to do something so drastic.

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“I absolutely wanted to keep Brittany alive as long as possible and if it had to be so, on life support,” Monjack explained. “I just thought that medical science is moving so fast that if they could somehow stabilize her and keep her alive, even if only technically, then there could come a day when they could bring her back to life.

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“I just couldn’t face losing her. I knew a piece of me would die too.” Monjack added: “I believe our souls were so intertwined that I would never be whole again and so far that is how it still feels.”

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Monjack says Brittany was still alive in a vegetative state for quite some time at the hospital. “The doctor took me aside to ask me what I wanted to do in terms of artificially keeping her alive’,” Monjack recalled. “It was an hour and forty minutes that we sat in a children’s nursery. The doctor came in every ten minutes and updated us. With each entrance his attitude turned from hope, to preparing us for the devastation of the news that he knew was not far away.”

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Sadly, Brittany passed away on December 20 as a result of having pneumoniamixed with secondary factors of iron-deficiency anemia and multiple prescription drug intoxication.

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