EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Conrad Murray Will Call As Witness Another Doc Who Gave Jackson Propofol

Dr. Conrad Murray wasn’t the first doctor that gave Michael Jackson Propofol, and RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that Murray’s defense team will call another doctor that admitted to police that he gave Michael Jackson the powerful hypnotic agent.

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According to sources close to the investigation, Dr. David Adams, a Las Vegas doctor admitted to the LAPD that he had given Michael Jackson Propofol, prior to Dr. Murray becoming the King of Pop’s doctor.

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The insider tells RadarOnline.com that Ed Chernoff, Dr. Murray’s lawyer, plans on calling Dr. Adams when the case goes to trial. “Dr. Adams is clearly relevant, you have a last doctor standing with Dr. Murray, and he wasn’t the first person to give Michael Jackson Propofol,” the source says.

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The defense team also knows that Michael Jackson received Propofol while he was in Germany and Dubai, but the lawyers don’t have the names of the administering doctors yet, because they haven’t received full discovery from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, according to the source. Once those names become available, “Those doctors would most likely be called to testify for Dr. Murray’s defense,” the insider reveals.

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Calls to Dr. Adams attorney weren’t immediately returned. Dr. Murray will be in court on April 5th, at which time a date is supposed to be set for his preliminary hearing, but his lawyers still haven’t received the entire discovery that prosecutors have, so it’s unlikely that a date will be agreed upon at that time.

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