EXCLUSIVE: Did Jesse James’ Alleged Mistress Tattoo Her Own Son?

Those close to Jesse James‘ alleged mistress say the allegedly tattooed child masked in this photo, released by RadarOnline.com, is Michelle “Bombshell” McGee‘s five-year-old Avery — not Elijah — as previously thought.

“My baby is starting early!” proclaimed “Bombshell”, the tattoo crazed mother of two, who posted this image on her Twitter.

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“Bombshell” posted his image — which we have blurred — on her Twitter just over a week ago.

It appears to show a smiling Elijah with a series of tattoos — at least four — around his neck.

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Remarked one friend, on the page, in reference to the shocking image: “I hope there (sic) fake ones, we change our opinions too much in life to know what we want at this age.”

It raises a frightening question: did “Bombshell” tattoo her own, young son?

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