EXCLUSIVE COURT PAPERS: Jesse James Alleged Mistress Took “Volumes of Xanax” Grabbed Ex By Throat

The stripper who Jesse James allegedly chose over beautiful Sandra Bullock lives a life filled with violence and drugs, according to shocking court papers obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com.


Michelle “Bombshell” McGee has taken her young son on pornographic shoots and has had him babysat by a stripper and also taken “volumes on Xanex” according to her ex husband.

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Ronald Shane Modica, who has one son with McGee, has been battling her in court for several years and RadarOnline.com exclusively obtained the court file which is filled with shocking charges that deepen the mess Jesse James finds himself in.

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McGee claims that she had an 11-month affair with James, who apologized to his wife and children on Thursday, although he stopped just short of admitting the affair.

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McGee, in a paid tell-all interview did not admit that she’s a stripper but RadarOnline.com uncovered that fact and was also first to report that she worked shooting pornographic Web videos.

Her ex husband charges that during one argument, “My daughter saw Michelle grab me by the throat and hit me while she was holding Avery. She had gone to school and told her teacher.”

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Modica also says that McGee at one point took “her friend Brooklyn, who she met at the strip club…along on a nude photo shoot in Corona a few months ago to look after (our son) Avery. “

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And Modica also doesn’t hold back on the drug allegations, writing in court papers: “Michelle asked me on Dec. 13, 2006 if I knew anyone she could get pills from, that her and her friend from the club had been taking volumes of Zanex.”

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McGee, who is also accused of spelling out White Power on her refrigerator and doing the Nazi salute, as first reported by RadarOnline.com, fights back in court papers and details alleged violence by her ex.

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She writes in court papers about one particularly nasty confrontation with Modica: “He was yelling at me calling me nasty names in front of Avery. Threatening me that he was “done” and I’m (bleeping ) dead. Meanwhile our son Avery was yelling “daddy stop, your hurting mommy…get out of mommy’s car.” He continued yelling an inch from my face that I’m dead.”

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At one point she obtained a temporary restraining order against him.

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