New DVD Releases

Capitalism: A Love Story (R)

Firebrand filmmaker Michael Moore turns his skeptical lens on Wall Street, for an examination of corporate economic dominance, what happened to the American economy, and how it’s affecting everyday citizens. (Michael Moore [himself], Thora Birch [herself])

DVD Review: Hurt Locker

Old Dogs (PG)

John Travolta and Robin Williams play best-friend single guys Simon and Buford. They look like adults and speak like adults, but apparently lose all mature functionality when Simon’s ex-wife is sent to prison, and he’s left to care for their six-year-old twins. Let the slapstick fiesta begin! (John Travolta [Simon], Robin Williams [Buford])

Precious (R)

Inner-city high schooler Precious Jones is overweight, pregnant with her second child and invisible to the world. When a teacher opens a door for her at an alternative school, Precious walks through and finds a sense of identity, and a small taste of hope. (Gabourey Sidibe [Precious], Mo’Nique [Mary])

DVD Reviews :

Up in the Air (R)

Ryan Bingham is good at firing employees en masse, living out out of a suitcase and keeping people at arm’s length. But a chance encounter forces him to reconsider his priorities amid a brutal job and dismal economy. (George Clooney [Ryan Bingam], Vera Farmiga [Alex Goran])

Movie Review: “Cop Out”

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