DuWop’s No Hassle, Eye-Popping Shadow

Let’s face it.  There are thousands of eye shadow shades to choose from, which makes the task of finding the perfect one a bit daunting.  If you want to avoid spending hours at your favorite cosmetics spot, but still want a shade that is going to make your eyes pop, DuWop has introduced their EyeCatcher Shadows, a simple collection of three different shades tailored for your eye color.

Blue Eyes: Matte Amber/Marbled Blue Shimmer
Green Eyes: Matte Burgundy/Marbled Green Shimmer
Brown Eyes: Matte Violet/Marbled Gold Shimmer

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What’s great about these shadow’s, is that they are simple yet effective to use, so even the most makeup illiterate can look awesome.  Each color duo comes with a matte and shimmer texture.  The matte color should be applied over the entire lid into the crease, and the shimmer, over the matte at the lash line.

The resulting look is subtly natural, yet refined and only takes moments to achieve. 

Available at Sephora for $20.

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