Dr. Conrad Murray Stopped CPR On Michael Jackson To Collect Drug Vials

The hot water Dr. Conrad Murray is in has reached a boiling point. According to new documents, Murray allegedly stopped administering CPR on Michael Jackson in order to collect drug vials in the pop star’s room.

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According to the papers obtained by the Associated Press, Murray also delayed calling 911. The account was given by Alberto Alvarez- Jackson’s logistics director- to investigators on August 31.

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Alvarez had been summoned to Jackson’s side by another aide who received a frantic call from Murray regarding the singer being unresponsive. Alvarez said that Murray stopped CPR so he could hand him drug vials and told him to put them in a bag.

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Recently, newly released paramedic documents alleged Murray failed to give medics all the pertinent information regarding Jackson like how he administered Propofol to the singer.

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