Bret Michaels: There Is No Weirdness’ About My Song With Miley Cyrus

Bret Michaels wants to clear up any and all confusion about his musical team up with Miley Cyrus – a partnership that drew criticism and some nasty comments.

Miley joins Bret for a  song called Nothing to Lose and some people interpreted the lyrics as sexual between the two singers.

But Bret told PopEater exclusively that the song is not a romantic duet and that he wanted to straighten out false reports about the song.

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“There is no weirdness, there is no strangeness,” Brett told PopEater.

He went on to explain that he wrote the song and played it for Miley when they were both in the studio. Bret told PopEater: “She said, ‘Do you mind if I go in and sing some low harmonies and stuff on there?'”

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He agreed and says he sings about a woman and “part of myself,” explaining the lyric: ‘We slowly get undressed, we both know better than this,’ and she (Miley) sings, ‘Yeah she does.’ She’s singing a harmony about the situation that me and this girl are going through, not what me and Miley are going through.”

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So get your minds out of the gutter people and go here to hear Bret sing his new song.

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