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Beauty Queen Suing ABC, Disney For $100 Mil Claiming Wife Swap Ruined Her Life

New York teenager Alicia Guastafarro said being portrayed as a pouting pageant princess on ABC’s Wife Swap destroyed her life, and wants the network and Disney to cough up $100 million to make up for it.

RadarOnline.com has learned that Guastafarro, 18, is suing the show and its’ parent companies, claiming she was subject to “incessant verbal and physical assaults from her peers” after her appearance on the program, which focuses on the culture clash that ensues when two random families swap mothers.

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Guastafarro, an ex-beauty queen, said many of her scenes were scripted to paint her in a negative light, making her recite lines such as “I am the most popular girl in school,” and “I do feel sorry for people that are not gorgeous people.”

Guastafarro said she received so much “ridicule, mockery and derision” from her peers, she had to finish high school in a special program.

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“For their own profit,” according to court papers Guastafarro filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, the “defendants purposefully, intentionally and knowingly caused severe emotional and psychological harm to a fragile 15-year-old.”