AUDIO: Christina Aguilera Talks X-Rated Girls Night Out

Christina Aguilera called into Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS FM show on Wednesday to shoot the breeze about her new album, her first film role, her son Max, how she’s changed now she’s become a wife and a mom and – her decidedly non-mom-like girls night out!

Christina dished that she recently went to see the adult only, racy, Tony award winning show Puppetry of the Penis.

Christina raved about the show, telling Ryan, “It was amazing! It was so great, we had the best time. It was the best night ever!”

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Christina, shared that, “It was a total girls night. I rented the whole theater out.”

And she was left in awe at the puppeteers, erm…flexibility!

“It’s crazy what those guys can do,” Christina told Ryan. “I took a picture of the “hamburger” and sent it to my mom!

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“Not all guys can do this. It looked very painful, we’re all girls and don’t have those things but we were all cringing.

“These guys were all red and looked abused afterwards.”

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Christina told Ryan that her favorite contortions of the night were “the hamburger,” “the wristwatch” and “the wombat.”

Mind boggling – one can only imagine!

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