AMAZING VIDEO: Courageous Cop Doesn’t Remember Heroic Moment

Police Lt. John Lambert was helping a stranded motorist on the side of a snowy Cleveland, Ohio road last month when an out-of-control car careened at both men, leaving Lambert to selflessly push the motorist to safety — while he was flipped over the edge of a nearby guardrail.

On Tuesday, in a clip played on ABC’s Good Morning America, the brave — and bruised — lawman said he did not “remember much” about the incident, which was caught on his patrol car’s dashboard video and broadcast nationally, and can share the amazing tape and interview with Lambert, who humbly said he was just doing his job.

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Lambert, who endured fractures to the pelvis, tailbone and left eye socket, said he might return to active duty next year; doctors say it could take up to a year-and-a-half for him to fully recover.

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