VIDEO: Paris Hilton’s 29th Birthday Party!

It could be the most understated birthday party Paris Hilton has ever had.

For her last birthday in her 20s, the hotel heiress only wanted to be surrounded by family and the main man in her life, beau Doug Reinhardt.

Little ‘sis Nicky and her boyfriend David Katzenberg were the first to leave the old school eatery Dan Tana’s Restaurant in West Hollywood. Then Mom and Dad (Kathy and Rick) posed for pictures with Paris and Doug.

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At one point, Paris – feeling in a playful mood – turned the cameras on the papparzzi and took a picture of them.

On her twitter page, Paris writes: “Doug gave the most beautiful birthday speech to me at dinner in front of my family. So sweet!:)”

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What do you get the world’s most famous real-life barbie doll?  Obviously, a doll.  And, we’re not sure if it’s was a belated Valentine’s Day gift, but Paris also took home an oversized heart.

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