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VIDEO: Jessica Biel Eats Chocolate-Covered Cricket


Jessica Biel ate a chocolate-covered cricket on The Jay Leno Show Wednesday night, as the shapely Valentine’s Day star had to endure the sweet insect for Jay’s Earn Your Plug bit. 

Biel first took a bite of chocolate-covered bacon, then chocolate-covered pizza, before consuming the cricket.

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“Yes!” Jay said. “You have earned your plug!”

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Don’t think a little bug can shake up Biel: The athletic actress climbed 19,340 feet up Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro, reaching its’ highest peak January 12, after six days of climbing through rough terrain and a nasty blizzard. The climb was to raise awareness for global water crisis advocacy group Summit on the Summit.

Jessica Biel Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

For more info, check out www.summitonthesummit.com.