VIDEO INTERVIEW: Bode Miller Calls Bronze Medal “Kind Of” A Win

Bode Miller has been the bad but golden boy of men’s U.S. skiing for years and the warring sides of his personality were on show on Monday when caught up with the athlete shortly after he raced to an Olympic bronze medal finish.

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“It wasn’t a win,” Miller, said after being congratulated, a dismissive attitude reminiscent of his alienating 2006 meltdown at the Torino Olympics when he described the sport as “wasted.”

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Shortly after, Miller, 32, showed some of the hard-won maturity he is said to have acquired since then, adding that the medal at least, “feels like a win.”

But before he could walk away, Miller again slipped back into his defensive mode.

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“I won third place?” he asked sarcastically before conceding, “It’s kind of like a win.”

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With four more events to go, maybe Bode will finally get the solid gold medal finish he’s clearly gunning for!

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