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VIDEO: Conrad Murray Arrives At Court, Crowd Shouts ‘Murderer’

An angry crowd shouted “murderer” at Dr. Conrad Murray as he arrived at court on Monday to be arraigned on an involuntary manslaughter charge in the death of Michael Jackson.

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As Murray exited his SUV, angry Jackson fans shouted “murderer” and other people in crowd could be hard yelling, “Justice for Michael.”

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Murray was Michael Jackson’s live-in doctor at the time of his shocking death more than seven months ago.

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The doctor administered Propofol to Michael, whose death has been ruled a  homicide with Propofol playing a significant role. The drug is rarely, if ever, administered outside a hospital.

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Murray administered Propofol to Michael and left the room. When he came back Jackson was in severe distress and eventually died.

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As Murray made his way into court, one man in the crowd yelled, “Why’d you do it? Why’d  you leave Michael by himself for so long?”

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