Tiger Woods Ex Slams New Mistress Collection Golf Balls

An enterprising businessman has launched a novelty collection of golf balls, featuring each of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses. One of those mistresses is not happy about the product though – and is concerned that it may encourage violence against women.

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Joslyn James, a former porn star who claims she had a long term, intimate relationship with the golf ace and who believed he was in love with her, has not spoken out so far on their affair, and has been in hiding since the news broke.

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But news of the release of the golf ball collection, which includes an image of herself, has her fighting mad and she has enlisted the help of powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred to get her message across.

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James and Allred will be holding a press conference on Wednesday at noon at Allred’s office, and James is expected to voice her concern and opposition to the golf balls. It is not known if she will also discuss any of the details of her alleged affair.

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