Taylor Swift Feels Like A 10-Year Old During Australian Tour

She may be growing up at lightening speed but Taylor Swift can still take delight in the sillier side of life.

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As her Australian tour kicks into high gear, the 20-year old singer is indulging in the childlike fun that road life brings.

“My band + dancers + Gloriana + me. One bus. 2 hour drive to Newcastle. Summer camp style. Sometimes life at 20 resembles life at 10,” she wrote on her Twitter page.

Swift, who has felt a see of backlash regarding her off-key performance at the Grammy Awards, is clearly enjoying her time out of the United States and amongst her tour family.

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“Playing with glittery eyeliner in the dressing room while @elizabethhuett and I discuss how caramel Tim tams have changed our lives,” she also said on her Twitter page.

As for her current pending project?

“Conducting a social experiment in catering to see if blowing bubbles makes people smile. Results pending.”

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