Sheryl Crow Kisses On The Cougar Town Set

Sheryl Crow is moving in on real-life friend Courteney Cox Arquette’s territory!

PHOTOS: Sheryl Crow On The Cougar Town Set

On Thursday night, the singer began her recurring guest star duties on the set of Courteney’s ABC hit Cougar Town.

Playing the part of Sara, Crow shot scenes with Josh Hopkins who plays Jules’ (Cox Arquette) recently divorced neighbor Grayson. For those avid Cougar Town watchers, Grayson recently admitted his love for Jules to their friends while she revealed she could “someday” see them together.

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Clearly, Crow’s Sara is giving Jules something to be jealous about. In once scene, Crow and Hopkins lock lips! She reportedly will be playing his new girlfriend.

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The singer, who recently returned from Jennifer Aniston’s star-studded Mexican pre-birthday getaway, looked glowing on the set. The more cougars the better!

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