Sandra Bullock Tries To Save Puppy

While her husband Jesse James was recently reunited with his beloved dog Cinnabun, Sandra Bullock had her own shining canine moment on Friday.

The actress was spotted stepping out of her car to try and protect a runaway dog.

Jesse James Reunited With His Beloved Dog CinnaBun

Parked in traffic on a busy street in Southern California, the actress tried clapping her hands and calling out to the tiny white pooch in hopes of getting it out of harms way. It was running against traffic in the middle of a left turn-designated lane.

Bullock was not alone in her pursuit. The man in the car in front of her also poked out of his car to survey the situation.

Jesse James’ Dog Badly Beaten

Hopefully all of her good deeds will pay off in some statuette goodwill at the Academy Awards on March 7.

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